Taylor Made for Asian Market

BBADMIN ONLINE - (Sign Up, Deposit, Withdraw/Redeem Via ONLINE)

The current trend in online business in Asia is rapidly shifting towards ONLINE cash market, which caters directly to PLAYERS rather than going through agents. The Asian Internet infrastructure, though still desired to be better, is much more reliable than in the past 3 years. NOW IS THE TIME to OWN your ONLINE CASH BUSINESS MODEL so you may seize the opportunity when it arises.


Whether you want to create a massive social game site or full blown licensed interactive online operations for cash market business, the core of the business is still the ADMIN (BACKOFFICE) system. With the flexibility of the BBADMIN CASH system you will be able to grow infinitely without hindrance from your 3rd party software provider. At BBTECH we have created the admin system to specifically suit this online business. Our core developers are pioneers of the online business since 2001 and know what you need to succeed.


With BBTECH, you the owner can concentrate on what is important. These are 1) Marketing 2) Customer retention 3) Customer Service team 4) Accounting Key personnel. It is a public fact that some of the larger operators generate literally 1 billion HKD , PER SITE, in NET PROFIT. Surely such sites did not achieve such incredible results over night. It does take years of hard work. However, if you think you can partake in such business, YOU need your OWN ONLINE CASINO. With BBTECH, the technical aspect is taken care of and you the NEW OWNER can take get to the starting line in warp speed. As NEW OWNER, you need to concentrate on MARKETING to acquire players. There are no more dealing with techs. Leave that to BBTECH.


From a line up of innovative games and products for your players, and interface both responsive for both PC and Mobile, the addition of the Ewallet to control your deposit methods, The BBADMIN gives total freedom to create your dream site. From the operators point of view, its operation system has the tools and functions you need to capture the player through its online chat feature and give bonus, or comp, to deserving customers. For the Marketing side, its affiliate system in both CPA format and PROFIT sharing based on rolling or BET-WIN, you can be assured that your site has the administrative tools so you can conduct a high level business. Contact us today for a review of your very OWN ONLINE SITE.

Responsive Interface for all devices

We recommend that you design your site so that all devices can access and sign up. Let your landing page receive all traffic


Your players want bonus on their play. Whether it be rolling % comp or simple % bonus based on deposit amount, your BBADMIN can handle it.


Whether it be Ewallet integration, EPIN based or customized deposit method, the flexibility of the BBADMIN is second to none. Consult us today.

Competitive GAME LINE UP

The players don't care what kind of admin you have. To keep them happy integrate all reasonable platforms where needed.

Customer Service Tools

From instant Data Mining to Online chat directly to the prospective customer, the BBADMIN has its built in function to capture and keep your player.


CPA or % on profit, whether it be rolling % or bet-win, the BBADMIN has you covered to undertake any type of marketing programming and data gathering.