Online Security

Online Security

At BBTECH we ensure all of our clients 100% security by encrypting and locking all our system with only the best and latest security online measures available at the market today. Our consulting investigators are trained in both the technical aspects of an engagement and to provide on-site project management. While others use two or more individuals on-site, we train our consultants to execute more than one function at a time thereby reducing the need for extra manpower which equates to significantly lower costs.

Security Measures


    Denial of service is one of the most common hacking attack out there, we always ensure to encrypt our servers the latest ddos protection program to blocked all malicious ddos attack for long time server running.


    The common practice of all the modern password based security, we safely secure all accounts with 64bit protection that requires a billion of possible combinations to unlock.


    Your money is your financial security, that is why we always locked out our database and system specially in wallet system same as like the banks used, with 100% certifications from around the browsers you can have confidence about your hard earned money.

Security Priority

  • DDOS Protection
  • 64-bit Password Encryption
  • Secured Wallet System
  • Current Security Issue Error Encoutered